Noh Theater at the SABT named after A.Navoi on October 17

October 17, on the occasion of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and the Republic of Uzbekistan on the stage of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater named after Alisher Navoi, the actor of the Japanese traditional Noh theater, Noboru Katsumi, the holder of the title of UNESCO “National Heritage of Japan”, will perform. Noh (or Nogaku) is the oldest kind of Japanese theater. It was formed in the XIV-XV centuries. Noh is the oldest classical Japanese theater. "Noh" means ability or skill. The representation of "Noh" is dance, drama, music and poetry, united on one stage. In the XIV century, the theater "Noh" existed in the form of ancient temple representations, at which plays were played on mythological subjects. The troupe of "Noh" actors was under the auspices of Japanese monasteries. Representations of "Noh" combined the functions of entertainment and preaching. "The world of the Noh theatre" "Noh" theater is symbolic. The heroes of the plays of the theater are gods – characters of Buddhist and Shintoic cults, as well as men – court aristocrats, warriors, and the people of the nation; women – court ladies, concubines, and servants. The creators of the "Noh" theater believed that on the stage of their theater all the diversity of the world is represented. The plays of the theater are built on global conflicts – they are connected with the central theme of a person's personality and fate. The plot of plays can be served by tales, religious legends, historical and religious false legends, historical Chronicles and literary works. "Expressive means" The mask is the main means of expressiveness in the "Noh" theater. The costume is used to create a color gamut of the performance. The main stage prop is a folding fan, with which the performer transmits different emotional states. October 10, 2017

10 октября 2017


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