Theatre Etiquette

From the earliest times it is customary to dress elegantly to visit the theatre.

Jeans, sportswear and athletic shoes are unacceptable in the theatre.

Entrance to the theatre is carried out only upon presentation of a ticket. The ticket is also purchased for children from the age of 5. Children under the age of five are not allowed for evening performances.

After the third bell, the doors to the hall are closed and the play begins.

After the beginning of the performance, the entrance to the auditorium is strictly prohibited.

If you are late, you should contact the ticket-collectors and they will help you enter the hall through the balcony of the 1st or 2nd tier. Your seat in the hall, according to a ticket or an invitation card, you can take only during the intermission.

If your seat is occupied, you need to contact the ticket-collectors for help.

It is unacceptable to enter the hall in the outer clothing and stay during the action in the headdress.

Walking along the row is supposed to face the sitting persons.

You can’t bring food, water and other drinks into the hall.

Mobile phones and other noisy devices should be turned off.

You can make photo and video recordings during the performance only with the permission of the Management of the theatre.

Smoking is allowed only in specially designated places.

During the action, you should not voice your opinion.

Presenting flowers to the artists is accepted only after the end of the action or a concert.

At the end of the play, you should wait until the curtain closes and exit of the actors for the audience to bow.

You can leave the hall during the intermission or after the performance.
During the theatrical action, the hall can be left only through the door of the amphitheatre.


Ticket office: (+99871) 233-90-81, 232-19-48
Administrator: (+99871) 233-33-36
Deputy Director for the audience: (+99871) 233-32-21
Theater address: Zip code 100029. 28, Zarafshon str., Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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