Evaluating the contestants and awarding the winners.
1. To evaluate the contestants' performances, the composition of the jury consisting of 7-9 leading specialists in the field of national and foreign culture and art, as well as the procedure for its work shall be approved by the Organizing Committee.
Representatives of leading opera soloists, performers of popular music, conductors, heads of musical theaters and other specialists are invited to be members of the Jury.
2. The Jury members elect the President of the Jury.
When assessing the jury evaluates the performances of the contestants, such as the correctness of the performance of famous arias from operas by world-famous composers, according to the traditions and methodology, performance of each individual note shown in the work without serious mistakes, complete conveyance of the content and essence of the work to the listener, observance of the rules of vocal art of notes performed in high notes and according to the basic criteria as stage culture.
According to the evaluation criteria of the competition, each criterion is evaluated according to a maximum of 100 points.
In case of equality of points assigned by the Jury to the participants, the vote of the Jury President is decisive.
The final results of the competition will be formalized by the Jury's decision.
Participants may submit an appeal (statement) against the Jury's decision to the Jury President within one day after the end of each stage of the competition. The appeal shall be registered in the prescribed manner, considered within one day, drawn up in a protocol and announced on the same day.
3. The winners of the contest shall be awarded diplomas, statuettes and cash prizes in the following amounts:
for the 1st place - in the amount of 3000 US dollars;
the 2nd place - in the amount of 2000 US dollars;
the 3rd place - in the amount of 1500 US dollars.
16. Participants recognized by the jury members and fans: in such nominations as "For the best performance of works by Uzbek composers", "The youngest, most talented participant of the contest", "Folk song of their country" (can be in a cappella style) "For the best performance" and in other nominations will be awarded a special diploma.
The jury has the right to award a special diploma to each of the best concertmasters of the competition (2 persons).


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