on the procedure for organizing and holding Ist International competition of
 young opera performers named after Halima Nosirova
21-28 October 
Basic Regulations
1. These Regulations shall determine the procedure for organizing and holding the Khalima Nosirova International Competition for Young Opera Artists (hereinafter referred to as the Competition).
2. The Contest shall be held with the following implication:
further development and popularization of the national opera art;
familiarization with the performing skills of representatives of opera art from different foreign countries and strengthening of creative ties with them;
Identification and support of talented young people in the opera art;
further development of opera art in our country by attracting famous performers from foreign countries;
Further improvement of the creative and qualitative level of the repertoire of the Alisher Navoi State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Uzbekistan and the performing skills of the theater's artists;
3. Organization of master classes and seminars with the participation of leading representatives of opera art on the basis of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi and the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan.
starting from 2023, the competition will be held every two years in October in Tashkent.
4. The competition shall be held on the basis of the implementation program.
5. The program of the competition and the list of works to be performed at the competition shall be approved by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan no later than three months prior to the competition.

6. In accordance with the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, fees paid to foreign participants and lump-sum cash prizes awarded to winners of competitions are not subject to personal income tax and are not subject to social security and insurance contributions.
 A foreign citizen who is a participant of the competition must have his/her own medical insurance.

The organizers of the competition are the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Alisher Navoi State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Uzbekistan


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