Conditions for participation in the contest

1. Foreign and domestic opera soloists, laureates of international competitions may participate in the competition.
2. Contestants between the ages of 18 and 35 may take part in the Competition.
3. The competition consists of qualifying and final stages.
The number of participants in the qualifying round is not limited.
4. participants of the qualifying round will pass to the final stage.
Winners of previous competitions are not allowed to participate in the competition again.
At the qualifying stage four works (arias from extended opera, cantata or oratorio (XVII-XVIII centuries), arias from works of Uzbek composers, folk songs of their countries (it is possible in a cappella style), arias from works of Russian and European composers are performed).
At the final (final) stage, two works (extended arias from works by European composers (XIX-XX centuries), extended arias from works by Russian composers, arias from works by Uzbek composers) will be performed with the accompaniment of a symphony orchestra.
5. All hearings shall be conducted in public. All works must be performed from memory, in the original language. Each piece is performed in just one sitting.
The order of performance is determined by the draw and remains unchanged until the end of the competition. The final stage will include no more than 12 participants who took part in the qualifying round.
The final distribution of places and prizes will be made at the final jury meeting.
To participate in the competition, please send an application to or by October 7, 2023, attaching the following documents:
Copy of passport;
creative biography;
artistic photo

5. The program stated in the competition program cannot be replaced by participants.

All participants admitted to participate in the competition will receive an invitation indicating the date of arrival at the competition no later than October 15, 2023.

Applications that are not fully completed or submitted after October 19, 2023 will not be accepted.

According to the terms of the competition, in the program of works, the performance of works by Uzbek opera composers is mandatory.

In accordance with the procedure established by the organizers, concertmasters are attached to the participants for two rehearsals and performances in the qualifying round.

The organizer of the contest reserves the right to record audio and video recordings within the framework of the contest and then use them for commercial purposes without paying an additional fee.

The winners of the competition are required to take part in the final gala concert.

6. All participants of the competition are given the opportunity to listen to representatives and agents of leading opera houses, as well as to participate in master classes that will



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