Leading soloists

Moldavtseva Alla

In 1992 she entered the Choreography School. Since 2000, she has been working at SABT named after A. Navoi. She participated in tours to Malaysia, China and Japan. She is talented and promising ballerina, who has excellent ballet data. The images created by her are inspired and emphasized by a bright individuality. There are such parties in the repertoire of the soloist of the ballet as: 1. Phrygia ("Spartacus", A. Khachaturyan); 2. Cinderella ("Cinderella”, S. Prokofiev); 3. Fleur de Lys ("Esmeralda", C. Pugni); 4. Rayada (“Tomiris”, U. Musaev); 5. Magnolia ("Cipollino", K. Khachaturyan); 6. Masha, a French doll (“The Nutcracker”, P.I. Tchaikovsky); And also solo parts in ballets: "Sleeping Beauty", P.I. Tchaikovsky; "Swan Lake", P.I. Tchaikovsky; "The Vision of the Rose" "Giselle", A. Adan; "Don Quixote", L. Minkus; "Raymonda", A. Glazunov; "Khumo", A. Ergashev; "A Thousand and One Nights", F. Amirov.


Рустам, Ташкент
7 февраля 2019
Величественная и грациозная прима! Краса и гордость ташкентского балета! Браво Алла! Дальнейших Вам творческих успехов на радость поклонников Вашего таланта и во славу ГАБТа им.Навои!


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