The 1st International ballet festival "Palette of Ballet"

The 1st International Ballet Festival "Palette of Ballet" is organized with the aim of further development of the ballet art of Uzbekistan, raising prestige and popularizing it in the Republic, attracting partners to expand the possibilities for organizing tours. The festival is an incentive for expansion and strengthening of friendly and creative contacts, acquaintance of Tashkent spectators, and lovers of high art, with the best achievements of performing skills of ballet soloists from different countries of the world.

 The festival "Palette of Ballet" is designed to help define the place and role of Uzbekistan's ballet art in the world cultural space, promote the exchange of musical values ​​and achievements between East and West.

Classical ballet art, the Theater is, first, the face of culture and art of any state on the international arena; it is a highly artistic language of people living in different countries of the world. Ballet is one of the unique forms of art, it develops a sense of beauty, educates the artistic and aesthetic tastes, spirituality and morality of the younger generation.

Modern culture requires the search for new forms of communication, contact, development and exchange of achievements in the field of performing arts for stage masters. In addition, the musical art has no borders, therefore interaction and mutual dialogue of cultures of the various countries on every possible levels becomes especially important factor. The festival "Palette of Ballet" serves as a powerful impetus for promoting intercultural dialogue, further expansion of international creative ties, strengthening of mutual cultural and spiritual cooperation, glorifying the ideas of peace, friendship and mutual understanding.

 Along with the participants - leading artists, conductors, choreographers from Uzbekistan, the invited stars of the ballet scene of the world take part in the festival.

 Within the framework of the festival, take part:

 1. Ballet troupe of the Izmir State Theater of Opera and Ballet, whose main choreographer is Mehmet Balkan (Turkey), previously invited by the theater management as the ballet-master of the ballet "The Lady with the Camellias" based on the novel by Alexander Dumas

 2. Ensemble of Israeli modern dance "Vertigo dance company" with the assistance of the Embassy of Israel in Uzbekistan, who expressed a desire to work closely on mutual tours and cultural exchange between Uzbekistan and Israel.

 3.Béjart Ballet Lausanne (Switzerland), the tutor-teacher is Azarius Plisetskiy, who collaborates with the Theater of A.Navoi as a teacher-repeater of the ballet troupe of the theater from 2017.

 4. Invited soloists from the Mariinsky Theater (Russia).




1st of May (Tuesday) 19:00Opening of the festival

                                          performance of the A.Navoi State Academic Theater

                                       A.Melikov, S.Rashidov "The Poem of Two Hearts"


2nd of May (Wednesday) 19:00 –

                                      «One, one & one "performed by the Israeli modern

                                           dance ensemble «Vertigo dance company»    


4th of May (Friday) 19:00,  5th and 6th of May (Saturday, Sunday) 18:00 –

                                     «Un cygne d’autrefois se souvient que c’est lui»
                                     «Bhakti III»
                                     «Altenberg Lieder»
                                      Béjart Ballet Lausanne (Switzerland)


8th of May (Tuesday) 19:00–

                                         performance of the ballet troupe Izmir State

                                          theater of opera and ballet

                                          "Dansin rengleri" - one-act ballet

                                          "Bah a la Turka" - one-act ballet

9thof May (Wednesday) 19:00 –

                                   Benefit of the honored artist of Uzbekistan

                         Tamilla Mukhamedova

                         (leading soloist of the Theater named after A. Navoi)                    


10th of May (Thursday) 19:00 – Closing of the festival

P. Chaikovsky "Swan Lake" ballet troupe of the Bolshoi Theater. A.Navoi with guest soloists of the Mariinsky Theater Evgeniy Ivanchenko and Anasrasiya Kolegova

17 апреля 2018


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