Bach Alla Turka

Mehmet Balkan’s choreography will be staged through the Bach arrangements made by Anjelika Akbar in "Bach A L'Orientale" album. With the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the greatest composers of music history, a contemporary dance performance will be presented with the female-male associations in abstract form through dancing.

Mehmet Balkan created the choreography of this piece accompanied by Bach's piece having impressions of Turkish motifs and arranged by Anjelika Akbar with piano and oriental percussion

The musical director is Anzhelika Akbar

Choreographer Mehmet Balkan

Assistant choreographer - Lali Balkan


 The most beautiful feeling of the earth is the unique qualities of everywhere and every moment where love is experienced; If so many love stories are experienced they contain so many different restructuring. Is there a way to create a drop of love in the ocean , the love affair of the dance language is also evaluated and the love between people is explained? Especially summer loves, some towns specific summer love, the complexity of urban culture is also taken into consideration; Meanwhile, the characteristics of dancer's love, which dancers might fall in love with; it is questioned in a sense... The choreographer describes the colors of love with the colors of the dance.

Musical Director - Erim Ardal

Choreographer Mehmet Balkan

Assistant choreographer - Lali Balkan

photo by Yuri Polyansky


8 мая 2018


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