PREMIERE of the opera "KUMUSH"

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the great Uzbek humanist writer Abdullah Kadiri, the Bolshoi Theater, with the support of sponsors "Sothis Aegis" and the International Shodiev Foundation, is preparing the premiere of the opera "KUMUSH" based on the novel by A. Kadiri “Past Days”, directed by the director of the Mariinsky Theater Irkin Gabitov.

“There is one great truth in the world that says:“ Only that person who has a dream and who strives for its realization is happy. ” (A. Kadiri) 
Abdullah Kadiri, raised from a young age on the works of Navoi, Lutfi, Mukimi, Furkat, Chulpon, Fitrat and other classics of Uzbek literature, always sought to create new works, whether it be a novel, a story or poems, to give the people of modern “Takhir and Zukhra”, “Farkhad and Shirin”, “Four Dervishes” and others. In the preface to the novel “Past Days” he wrote: “The novel “Past Days” I have conceived is only the first attempt, only a dream of this kind.”

After the publication of the novel, it became clear that the dream of a wonderful writer came true on the first try. The “Past Days” marked the beginning of a new realistic prose, entering the golden fund of Uzbek literature.

The theme of this novel today is the brightest for opera reading, as it tells about historical events of the past and is of great importance for the present and future in the life of our people.

The plot takes viewers back to ancient times, against which the pure and eternal love of Otabek and Kumush triumphs. Today, everyone knows his famous film adaptation by Yuldash Agzamov, which has become a classic of Uzbek cinema. And a few years ago, film director Melis Abzalov presented his own vision of this work. Undoubtedly, the opera “Kumush” will occupy a worthy place in the musical culture of Uzbekistan.

Premieres will be held:
November 10 at 18:00
November 14 at 18:30

For two years, the theater team has been working on a new edition of the literary and musical material of the opera of the outstanding composer of Uzbekistan M. Tojiev (1944-1996) “Kumush”, created in 1988 on the libretto by Izzat Sultan based on the novel by A. Kadiri “Past Days".
In those years, the leadership of the theater was invited to consider this work, but due to certain difficulties, the production of this opera was postponed for a long time.
In November 2017, the State Academic Bolshoi Theater named after Navoi started work on M. Tojiev’s opera Kumush, inviting for production Irkin Gabitov, director of the Mariinsky Theater, who was on a business trip to Tashkent several times over the past two years. The director, together with the production group, studied literary and musical material and came to the conclusion that this stage version of the work, the lines of the characters and the dramaturgy as a whole were amorphous. It was decided to process the libretto and musical material according to the requirements of classical opera drama and time. The task was set to bring the image of Kumush to the forefront, to focus on the love lyrics of the outstanding work of A. Kadiri.
The theater’s management proposed to create a new edition of the literary material to the People’s poet of Uzbekistan Usman Azim (in agreement with the family of A. Kadiri), who, together with stage director Irkin Gabitov and composer Mirkhalil Makhmudov (brother of M. Tajiyev), prepared a new version of the libretto for the opera retaining the idea of ​​Mirsadyk Tojiev. And Mirkhalil Makhmudov wrote on it a new version of musical material.

Mirkhalil Makhmudov is one of the prominent representatives of the national composer school of Uzbekistan. Born on January 2, 1947 in the Tashkent region.
In 1971, he graduated from the Tashkent Conservatory in class of composition at F.M. Yanov-Yanovsky (previously studied with R.D. Vildanov).
The realized creative potential of M. Makhmudov is rich and diverse. Among his instrumental compositions are three symphonies, Overture, “Symphonic Sketches”, the poem “Memory”, a concert for violin and orchestra, the poem “In Memory of Shostakovich”, chamber-orchestral cycle “Mukhammas and Ufar”, music for the string orchestra “Silk Road”. Among the vocal and symphonic opuses, one can distinguish the cantata “Heslya Tashkent” (E. Vakhidov), oratorio “Echoes of Tashkent” (T. Tula), “Song of the Mother” (G. Nurullaeva), “My Uzbekistan” (Yu. Mukimov), a poem “Ode to Mother” (T. Tula) and others. His musical dramas and comedies “Broken Pitcher” (S. Jamal), “Brothers and Matchmakers” and “Children of the Middle Name” (R. Muhammedjanov), “Khiylai Shariy” (A. Nesin), “Wedding Greetings” (U. Khashimov), as well as music for more than 50 films, including “Riot of Daughters-in-law”, “Golden Wall”, “Grandma-General”, “Past Days” earned well-deserved recognition of the general public.

Usman Azim (People's Poet of Uzbekistan) is an Uzbek poet, playwright, film playwright and prose writer. Born in 1950 in the Baysun district of ​​the Surkhandarya region. He graduated from the faculty of journalism of Tashkent State University. He wrote more than 10 collections of poems, dastans, stories.

The first published book was “Insonni Tushunish” (Understanding the Man) in 1979. In 1995, a collection of selected works of “Sailanma” was published. A number of his dramas were staged on the stage of theaters, among them “Kunduzsiz Kechalar” (“Endless Nights”, 1998), “Alpomishning qaytyshi” (“The Return of Alpomysh”, 2000) for which he was recognized as the Best Playwright of 1999, Bir qadam yul ”(“Step on the Way”, 2002),“ O’tgan zamon khangomalari” (“Conversations of Bygone Days”, 2003),“ Adibning umri” (“The Life of a Great Worker”, 2005). He also wrote the script for the films "Sevgi" and "Alpomysh."

Irkin Gabitov (Honored Artist of Russia) - Native of Tashkent, laureate of the independent national award “Platinum Tarlan” (Kazakhstan, 2003)
He graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, faculty of directing musical theater (course of Professor R.I. Tikhomirov and Professor I.D. Glikman).
From 1984 to 1988 – the main director of the Kazakh Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abay (Alma-Ata). Since 1988 – director of the Mariinsky Theater.
Stages: “Mary Stuart”, “Eugene Onegin”, “Carmen”, “Pathetic Oratorio”, “Kashchei the Immortal”, “Tosca”, “Prince Igor”, “Iolanta”, “Aleko”, “Rigoletto”, “The Bat”, “Aida”, “Salambo”, “Maddalena”, “Turandot”, “War and Peace”, “Boris Godunov”, “Khovanshchina”, “Wedding of Figaro”, “Ball-masquerade”, “Madame Butterfly”, “Bohemia”, “Turn of the Screw” on the stages of the Kazakh Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abay, Mariinsky Theater, Bolshoi Theater of Russia, Bashkir Opera and Ballet Theater, Yerevan Opera and Ballet Theater, Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater, and Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theater. In 2018, he staged the opera “Demon” at the Bolshoi Theater of Uzbekistan.


The author of the idea M.Tojiev
Composer M.Makhmudov
Kumush, opera in two acts
Libretto by Usman Azim based on A. Kadiri’s novel “Days Past”

At the heart of the opera is a beautiful love story of two lovers separated by evil rock, in which the author was able to touch upon the complex problem of the confrontation between light and darkness in the fate of mankind.

Production group:
Musical Director and Conductor - Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Fazliddin Yakubjanov
Director - Honored Artist of Russia Irkin Gabitov
Production Designer - Honored Worker of Culture of Uzbekistan Zubaidullo Batyrov
Chief Choirmaster - People's Artist of Uzbekistan Suleiman Shadmanov
Conductor - Kamoliddin Azimov
Costume Designer - Lobar Palvanova
Choreographer - Charos Jurabaeva

Kumush - Malika Normatova, Gulmira Nurmetova,
Atabek - Rustam Alimardanov, Damir Rakhmonov,
Khamid - Aminzoda Jumaniyazov, Rishat Reshitov,
Khasanali - Nosir Yusupov, Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Shukur Gafurov,
Mirzakarim Kutidor - Makhmad Ruziev, Ismoil Jabbarov,
Yusufbek Khoji - Jhabrail Idrisov, Sultanbek Abdurakhimov,
Kushbegi - Mekhriddin Meliev 



10 ноября 2019


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