October 27, 2019 as part of the Italian language week in Uzbekistan

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan

State Academic Bolshoi Theater named after Alisher Navoi

Embassy of Italy in Uzbekistan

XIX week of the Italian language in the world

For 19 years at this time, i.e. at the end of October, around the world, events are held to promote the Italian language and culture - Settimana della Lingua italiana nel mondo. This time the key theme is "Italian on stage»

The Italian Embassy, taking into account the above theme, proposed to celebrate this event in Tashkent in cooperation with the State academic theater named after Alisher Navoi and invite two artists from Italy: conductor, Maestro Daniele Ajiman from the Milan Conservatory and Opera singer Sandra Buongrazio. From October 22 to 27, in the theater Alisher Navoi will be held:

- a master class in singing and listening to opera singers,

- rehearsals with an orchestra for the performance of the opera of the Italian composer Giacomo Puccini "Tosca".

On October 24, 2019 at 11.00 a lecture will be organized on the topic: "Italian on stage" at the State Conservatory, where a master class and meetings with Italian artists for students will also take place.

On October 27, 2019 within the framework of the Italian Language Week in Uzbekistan, the stage of State Academic Bolshoi Theater named after Alisher Navoi will feature the performance of J. Puccini's "Tosca", with the participation of conductor Daniele Ajiman and opera singer Sandra Buongrazio in the role of Floria Tosca.

Daniele Agiman – since 1999 – Head of the Department of Orchestral Conducting at the Giuseppe Verdi Milan Conservatory, and since 2007 – Head Emeritus Professor at the Kurashiki Sakuyo University in Japan.

Due to his commitment and passion for promoting and spreading the Italian artistic musical heritage in the world, Maestro Ajiman is one of the most active Italian conductors internationally, a regular guest of the most prestigious theatres in Korea and Japan (Daegu State theatre, Sejong Opera festival, Centennial Hall). He has conducted in Argentina, France, Georgia, Germany, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, etc.  He also holds various positions, including: artistic and music Director Ambrosiani Madrigalisti, music Director of the Fall Opera season of a Congress Palace in Lugano, artistic Director of the lyric laboratory of the Conservatory of Milan, principal conductor of the orchestra Benedetto Marcello G. Teramo, art consultant at the Italian Opera of the State theatre in Daegu (South Korea) since 1995, a regular guest of Opera productions at Shizuoka Symphony orchestra, and chief conductor of the orchestra Joakino Rossini Pesaro since 2009.

Sandra Buongrazio has been an assistant professor of lyric singing at the State Musical Conservatory "L.D'Annunzio" in Pescara since 1993. She graduated from the conservatory in singing, chamber and vocal music and piano, and she improved her piano skills with Nazareno Carusi and vocals with Michael Aspin, Carmen Gonzales, Leone Majiera, and the magnificent soprano Giovanna Casolla. She also perfected her vocal skills at the most famous Italian opera masters, such as M. Claudio Desderi and singers such as Luciana Serra, Katia Riccarelli, Sylvanas Bazzoni Bartoli, and Donata D'Annunzio Lombardi.

Her love of lyrical singing and the spread of Italian opera heritage led her to hold workshops and concerts in various countries around the world, including China, Latvia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.

Her extensive musical repertoire (opera, chamber and spiritual) covers works from the most famous Italian works to foreign and contemporary.

27 октября 2019


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