"Vertigo" - One, one & one ….

Vertigo is an Israel modern dance company.  It was established by Noa Wertheim and Adi Sha'al in Jerusalem  in 1992. The company's first performance was a duet featuring Wertheim and Sha’al called Vertigo. Following the group’s appearances in various festivals  in Israel and around the world, Vertigo has received recognition, positive reviews, and several awards from professionals and local and international audiences. The group mainly presents works by Wertheim, but it also showcases pieces by independent choreographers from within and outside the company. The company's studios are at the Gerard Behar Center in Jerusalem and at Kibbutz Netiy Halamed-Heh, where it established an ecological arts village in 2007. Vertigo's main focuses are modern dance, contact Improvisation and the classic ballet  technique.

The Vertigo Dance Company is funded by the Jerusalem Municipality, and the division and the division of modern dance in the Ministry of Culture and Sport’s Culture Authority.

One, one & one ….

One, one & one, the title of this performance, symbolize for me essence of the Vertigo contemporary artistic expression. This creation, like previous work by choreographer Noa Wertheim, is initiated by one individual artist, and then additional voices are included as part of the creative dialogue place, in which each voice is fundamental as part of the journey to create the whole. The distinctive personal expression of each dancer becomes an integral part of this performance, allowing us to observe each one individually as well as part of the ensemble which is greater than the sum of its parts. A Single movement – of a single dancer – connects with another and another creating for us experience that works on all of our senses and we become part of the whole.

I hope that enjoy the multiple shades of this piece and many more of the Vertigo highlights to come.

Michael Fischer, Chairman
Vertigo Dance Association

   This new original dance piece by choreographer Noa Wertheim revolves around the individuals inner wish to be whole whilest being challenged constantly by a fragmented reality within the personal, existential and spiritual realms of ones being.

    One, one & one reflect both the internal and external worlds whilst paying attention to the echo as reflected from different perspectives the piece develops the metaphoric relationship between far and near and self and the other.

Choreographer Noa Wertheim
Co – Choreographer Rina Wertheim – Koren
Music - Avi Belleli
Musicians: Viola and Vocals, Galia Hai, Oud Eliahu Dagmi,
Vocals: Ilai Belleli
Costume design: Sasson Kedem
Stage Desigh: Roy Vatury
Lighting Design: Dani Fishof – Magenta

2 мая 2018


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